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About us

XR-Adventures is a small independent team from Czech Republic. It consists of several adventure games lovers who wants to make their own games. As you probably know this specific genre was put aside in last several years so we try to add our own creation to glorify this type of games once more and prevent it to be forgotten completely.

Our teamwork started July 8, 2013 when Stepan Wűnsch wrote to me that he also wants to make games. We started to understand each other very quickly as we began to thought over our very first game project. We knew that we didn´t want to start out with something big that we might not handle. So preparation work on short adventure story The Amulet of Crots had begun. The game was ment to consist of several puzzles connected together with the story about young man looking for fabled amulet.

However to finish the work on the project we needed help of other people because the game began to grow as it was developing. We found Eduard Sadovsky and Karel Reisinger who helped us with graphics, the original music was composed by Petr Mikeska. This is just several people mentioned by names but there were more people who helped us one way or another to finish this game successfully.

During our work on this game (exactly November 24) we decided that we want to present ourselves and our games as XR-Adventures team.

Ondřej Němec
The Founder

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Graphics and coding: Štěpán Wűnsch